Veterans Day

Let us not forget all of those who have served and are currently serving in the US military. Thank you to all the veterans and active members of the military!

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Seasons and our walk with God

Seasons and how the trees change can be very representative of our walk with Christ and how we get closer to Him.

Spring: With the Lord you just triumphed over the enemy you had been facing for a Season. This is where you begin to blossom into the person who God wants you to be.

Summer: Everything is just wonderful still and you have now fully bloomed into this strong man or woman of God.

Fall: This is where your trial begins. It starts to get chilly and winds start blowing trying to shake up what God had given you and it may feel like you are loosing parts of yourself.

Winter: Sometimes it seems like all hope is lost, like you have nothing to do, to say. It’s cold, maybe even hard to hang on. But then this is where you truly begin to rely on God. Lean on Him, trust that he will give you warmth, peace in the storm, even do what seems is impossible to us as humans.

Almost Spring: Ever since you began trusting the Lord with everything you have, He is restoring all you lost in those seasons. You begin to see new life. Then spring rolls around the corner and you just came out of the trial triumphant because no matter God always has the victory and we have got to believe it.

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